Since the inception of the college in 2004, Sanjeevani – The Cultural Committee of SST College of Arts and Commerce has been enthusiastically active throughout the year. Realising the need to accommodate and encourage the cultural diversity which so wonderfully weaves our nations together, the cultural committee conducts various activities to develop the all-round personality of the students. From dancing to singing, art to drama, Sanjeevani propels students’ growth beyond academics and manifests their passion and talents into glorious achievements and national recognition. 

The Cultural Committee also works at maintaining the sanctity of college by celebrating Indian festivals and inculcating in students the traditional values of our wise lineage. It understands that culturally open and vibrant individuals will become sensitive and compassionate citizens of tomorrow. It is culture that holds us together and lets us celebrate our differences, while also learning to appreciate these bonds. The Cultural Committee strives for the same aim – to always be open and growing.

Committee Members

Sr. No. Name of the Teacher Designation
1 Ms. Komal Kamra Coordinator
2 Dr. Harshada Darekar Member
3 Ms. Reena Mishra Member
4 Ms. Sneha Gupta Member
5 Mr. Aakash Jawrani Member

Yearwise Reports