Electoral literacy club (ELC) has been set up in S.S.T College of Arts and Commerce with the aim of involving students in various activities and raising their awareness on their electoral entitlements. Prior to the ELC’s official establishment at the college, the NSS and the Students Council were in charge of carrying out the ELC’s mandate and making sure its objectives were accomplished. The ELC also seeks to acquaint students with the electoral procedures of registration and voting. The objective is to enhance the culture of electoral engagement among the youth and upcoming electorate.


  • To provide education to specific populations regarding voter registration, the electoral process, and related topics.
  • To ensure that the target audience exercises their right to vote in a self-assured, relaxed, and morally responsible manner by assisting them in understanding the importance of their vote.
  • To facilitate voter registration for its eligible members who are not yet registered

  • To develop a culture of electoral participation and maximize the informed, and ethical voting, and follow the principle ‘Every vote counts’ and ‘No Voter to be Left Behind’.

Electoral Literacy Club Composition

The student and faculty coordinators are appointed by the college for the Electoral Literacy Club. The Institution has the ELC functional with the following office bearers and faculty Coordinator

Sr No. Name of the teacher Designation
1 Mr. Shah Sunil Navnitlal Nodal Officer
2 Mr. Vichare Jeevan Pandurang Member
3 Mrs. Deshpande Padmavati Vikrant Member
4 Ms. Nirala Supriya Suryakant Student Coordinator
5 Ms. Game Deepali Janardhan Student Coordinator
6 Mr. Kharat Om Mahesh Student Coordinator


  • Our students participate in Voter Awareness Campaigns aimed at educating the local populace in neighboring communities.
  • Through workshops, raise faculty and student awareness and interest in the subject.
  • The aim is to educate specific communities on voter registration, the electoral process, and related subjects. This will be accomplished through the use of skits and rallies held in nearby areas. .