To introduce innovative concepts; to undertake industrial training, to adopt and adapt to the latest trends and technology in the market, to nurture soft skills, and to invest in research and planning development.


  • To develop students into skilful, logical, and financially-secure individuals.
  • To enhance their self-confidence and make them suitable for the contemporary business environment.
  • To acquaint them with the multidimensional nature of the commerce industry and help them choose the career path well-suited to their skills, aptitude, and choice.
  • To empower them as righteous and dutiful citizens who can contribute to society positively.


The Department of Commerce is dedicated to educate and train individuals in the facets of the commerce industry, to equip them with market skills and tools, and to engage them in the commercial processes by exposing them to the business and service sector.


  1. To impart quality education with the help of systematic execution of academic and non-academic activitie
  2. To provide professional expertise to learners along with  cultivation of  an ethical mentality that contributes to societal ethics.


Sr No. Name of the teacher Designation Mob No. Email Id
1 Dr. Santosh Karmani Vice Principal 7276216712
2 Asst. Prof. Reena Mishra Coordinator 8779374667
3 Asst. Prof. Dilip Ahuja Faculty Member 9822764162
4 Asst. Prof. Namrata Singh Faculty Member 9004103325
5 Asst. Prof. Kumkum Gurbani Faculty member 9404595320

Yearwise Reports