“There is always a solution to the every challenging situation”

As human creatures we have desires from life and when these desires are not satisfied it clears way to discontentment and disappointment. As an institution makes a certain set of desires among the students and when these desires are not met it leads to grievances. At SSTC we prioritize student’s fulfilment, hence The Grievance Redressal Cell (GRC) aims to look into the complaints lodged by any student and redress it as per requirement. The students can state their grievance regarding any academic and non- academic matter within the campus through the online and grievance/ suggestion box.


  • To render a platform for the students to address their complaints, Issues and concerns.
  • To develop a responsive and accountable attitude among all the stakeholders in order
  • To maintain a harmonious educational atmosphere in the College.
  • To maintain strict confidentiality, if necessary.


  • The individual can visit the grievance cell at any given point of time to voice their concerns or can fill online grievance form.
  • The concern/issue will be addressed and communicated to the higher authority.
  • A feedback for the same will be communicated to the individual who has raised the grievance
  • A suggestion box is also be placed in the campus to address concerns.
Grievance Redressal Cell
Dr. J.C. Purswani Chairman
Mrs. Reena Mishra Member
Mrs. Padma Deshpande Member
Mr. Sunil Shah Member
Mr. Jeevan Vichare Member

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