M.A. History or Master of Arts in History is a postgraduate History course. History includes a comprehensive and thorough study of specialisation in the history of certain time periods of cultures. The course also covers the study of major historical events that took place both in India as well as across the world. Students also are provided with Research Skills and Methods, such as research, writing and presentation skills and paleography, course provides the intellectual, conceptual and historiographical framework for their research. M.A. in History is a two years duration course and the syllabus is divided into Four semesters.

The M.A. (History) degree study trains students to read intelligently, think analytically, write clearly, accurately assess past trends, rationally predict future developments, thus understanding the real world. The degree course enables the students to develop a deep understanding of the evolution of human civilizations down the ages i.e. from the prehistory to the recent times.


A candidate for being eligible for admission to Master of Arts (History) courses shall have passed the examination for degree of Bachelor of Arts (History) of this University (3 years integrated course) or an examination of any other university recognised as equivalent thereto.

Learning Outcome

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Duration of the Course

Duration of the course shall be Four semesters spread over 2 years.



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