MA Economics or Master of Arts in Economics is a 2 years long postgraduation course that is divided into 4 semesters. With a blend of all the aspects of economics in a society, MA Economics broadly and commonly focuses on topics like macroeconomics, microeconomics, public economics, econometry, international and financial economics.

Dealing with the understandings of finance and market managements, MA Economics syllabus revolves around the world’s economy and the distractions of the financial markets. It not only shows the functioning of finance in an economy but also makes one eligible to face challenges in the industry.

MA Economics is the study of wealth production, distribution and consumption in a society.The course covers a huge part of macroeconomics in terms of price, output, employment etc. and microeconomics dealing with demands, supplies, markets, consumer behavior and with related topics in an economy. Every aspect of a country starting from individuals, businesses to government, and services depends on economics.


A candidate for being eligible for admission to Master of Arts (Economics) courses shall have passed the examination for degree of Bachelor of Arts (Economics) of this University (3 years integrated course) or an examination of any other university recognised as equivalent thereto.

Duration of the Course

Duration of the course shall be Four semesters spread over 2 years.



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