Institution has created an eco system for innovations including Incubation centre and other initiatives for creation and transfer of knowledge.

An eco system has been created in the institution to promote innovation, transfer of knowledge and entrepreneurship. As part of innovation, SSTian Innovation and Business incubation Center (SIBIC) has been set up in the year 2018-2019 for nurturing innovative ideas from the students. Initial  amount has been sanctioned by Trust to establish SIBIC in the institution for 5 years starting from the academic year 2018-19. As part of this initiative, Ideation contests were conducted every year. The students participated in large number and showed enthusiasm towards innovation and its practice. The institute provided necessary facilities and financial support upto to carry out each of these projects. A Committee consisting of experts from diverse fields representing industry, banking and other allied areas are involved in the short listing of innovative ideas for pursuing further.

As part of choice based education system, the students are encouraged to take up co- curricular activities involving project based learning which culminate into creation of innovative knowledge helpful for the society. Students are encouraged to take up research projects as part of their semester V and Semester VI project work. Students are encouraged to take up and participate in code development activities such as Hackthons and Coding contests etc., which train the students towards innovation.

Faculty is encouraged to conduct research activities and make publications in the journals of repute for knowledge sharing. The institution has the practice of conducting various workshops and conferences periodically for creation and sharing of knowledge. They are also encouraged to contribute to national and international conferences conducted outside the institution as part of this initiative. Similarly some of the faculty members have published technical books as a part of initiative for knowledge creation and transfer.The faculty has been encouraged to take up Intellectual Property rights as an initiative towards innovation and knowledge sharing. The faculty delivers guest lectures and expert lectures to other institutions as part of knowledge sharing.

The club has organized many programs for students and faculty students in activities including formulation of business plans, sourcing of funds for projects and managing various dimensions of business such as purchase, production, inventory, accounting, marketing and quality control, designing and reporting. In collaboration with the Ecology “ Best out of Waste”, Program was conducted. Students collected waste materials , recycled and converted  to T- Shirts and sold out in the campus.

Sr. No. Members Members
1 Ms. Namrata Singh Coordinator
1 Dr. C Kalpana Member


The College has played a significant role in promoting research and consulting through its dedicated faculty members in the fields of science, the arts, and business. At the national and international levels, the college faculty members have published works with high citation counts and impact factors. In order to strengthen research activities, the college encourages high-quality research in rapidly developing scientific fields and other areas of social importance. Our objective is to reach a higher level of competence comparable to that of world-class research institutes and elite universities.


To encourage and motivate faculty, research scholars, and students to publish articles in peer-reviewed journals, as well as to facilitate their active participation in conferences, seminars, workshops, and symposiums for the advancement of their knowledge and the continuation of quality research that contributes to the development and growth of the nation through socioeconomic and scientific outcomes.

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