Lakshya Training and Placement Cell at SST College of Arts and Commerce is primarily managed by the Placement Committee headed by the Principal of the institute as the Chairperson, other committee members which includes faculties and students from various departments. It is responsible for the holistic development of students’ careers and establishment of strong and sustainable corporate relations.
The Institute helps each student in exploring placement opportunities by inviting various companies for campus recruitment of students who are in the final year of the programme and are likely to graduate at the end of the academic year.
Students are continuously counselled with regard to his/her career aspirations and options. The students participate in Career Guidance programmes wherein they are provided with various information about the career options, requirements of the industry, skills required in the students, how to opt for their Career Path Etc. By participating in the placement programme of the Institute, the students are assisted in getting their ‘dream’ jobs . The placement committee assists the visiting placement companies in identifying the ‘right’ candidate for their organization.
As the executive members of this committee, we are responsible for administering the visit of organizations on campus and acting as facilitators for the smooth handling of the placement process. We are the sole body responsible for the primary contact of institution with corporates.

The Broad Activities Undertaken by the Placement Cell are

  • Formation of Students’ Placement Committees for final placement and also for getting industrial training and industry linked project work for students.
  • Communication, networking and relationship building with the potential recruiters
  • Invitation to potential recruiters to visit the Institute.
  • Grooming and training of the candidates for the placements so that their chances of selection increase.
  • General follow-up, joining formalities and other administrative activities.
  • The Committee supervises and manages the whole placement process, which includes interacting with the HR representatives of Corporate Organizations, arranging a meeting with them, arranging necessary infrastructure to conduct the placement drive, and conducting and holding the on and off campus placements. Apart from this, the committee plays an important role in developing and maintaining a sustainable and long-term relationship with the corporate world

Once an organization shows interest in recruitment from the Institute, the students are asked to register their interest for the job. An email/ E Message informing about the job opening and its details will be shared with the student coordinators and placement committee. Placement cell will try to get as much details as possible about the job profile. Only students who register for that particular job profile will be considered for the job opening and their names and CVs will be shared with the company. Once the names of students are submitted, student is not allowed to withdraw from the selection process.
Sometimes companies come for Pre-Placement Talk / Group Discussion / Written Test and the short-listed students are interviewed at the campus or off the campus. Alternately, some companies select students based on their CVs and may invite them for Group Discussions/Interviews at their offices. The final placement is governed by certain guidelines, which are framed to facilitate the students to get maximum benefits. These guidelines are revised from time to time.


Our mission is to equip students with practical and conceived professional skills that will enable them to pursue their goals and aspirations in various fields and sectors. We also aim to instil in them the values of justice, diligence, and sincerity that will guide them in their personal and professional endeavours.


We aim to increase corporate engagements through various platforms such as guest lectures, corporate interactions and numerous other confluences. The Cell works to establish positive relationships with industries while being guided by a set of standards and values. The Training and Placement Cell plans and oversees a variety of initiatives with the goal of shaping students to meet the demands of the workplace in terms of professional development and, in turn, bring honor to the parent institution.

List of teachers in the Committee

Name of the Teacher Email Id
Asst Prof Padma Deshpande– Training and Placement officer
Asst Prof Sunil Shah- Training and Placement officer
Asst Prof C.Kalpana- Member
Asst Prof Sambhaji Khandekar

Student Coordinator

Name of the Student Email Id
Ms.Jinie Kedare
Mr.Chirag Haram

Yearwise Reports