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    Q1. Applicability relevance of present syllabus with real life situation

    Q2. I believe I have attained the learning outcome

    Q3. I have found the course Stimulating & Intellectually

    Q4. The Course notes & lectures help me to attain the leaning Outcome

    Q5. Depth of the Course Content in Case of Employability

    Enthusiasm of Faculty

    Q6. Faculty spoke Clearly & Enthusiastic for Teaching The Course

    Q7. Faculty explained and helped in solving the tutorial questions

    Q8. Faculty asks questions that tap higher level thinking

    Q9. Faculty presentations held my interest during class

    Q10. Faculty encouraged questions in the class

    Q11. Faculty recognized which students did not understand and reviewed as needed

    Q12. Faculty was available for help during his/her office hours

    Group Interaction

    Q13. Students were encouraged to participate in class discussions

    Q14. Students are encouraged to work in Group

    Q15. Students were encouraged to share their ideas & thoughts

    Individual Report

    Q16. Faculty had a sincere interest in individual students

    Q17. Faculty discussed all the objectives and learning outcomes and what is expected from students at the start of the course

    Q18. Faculty covered all the course syllabus in the time available

    Examination & Assignment

    Q19. Examinations papers were clearly written, and tested course content as stressed by the Faculty

    Q20. The Practical work help me to attain the course outcome

    Q21. Methods of Evaluating the work of students were fair & appropriate

    Q22. Assignments and quizzes were adequate and contributed to appreciation and understanding of subjects

    Q23. Types of assignments were formative and further enhanced the learning outcomes of the course


    Q24. As an overall rating, I would say I am very satisfied with the Faculty

    Q25. As an overall rating, I would say I am very satisfied with the outcomes of this course