SSTian Research and Consultancy Cell (SSTRACC) of SST  College established in 2019 coordinates the institution’s research activities and makes efforts to foster a supportive research culture on campus. The Cell monitors, helps with, and assesses the research operations. It offers a forum for facilitating discussions, disseminating research findings, and keeping up with the most recent advancements in the research community.


  • To review research and project proposals from the faculty and institution before submitting them sponsoring agencies
  • It conducts regular evaluations of the institution’s overall research activities and its development programmes.
  • To assist in developing the proposals for holding seminars, workshops, and conferences
  • Exchange of faculty to foster multidisciplinary research

SSTRACC organises an International National Conference and Nav-pravartan research convention every year to bring together all the scholars, mentors, students, and academicians to reflect on their research areas and to share their thoughts on the creation of new knowledge as part of its initiative to achieve excellence in research and to develop as a thought leadership centre.

The conference empowers students and faculty members at the institution to network.

  • Determine research frameworks, survey them, and list the prevailing paradigms.
  • Develop Effective research writing applications
  • Learn about patents, intellectual property rights, and funding organisations and programmes.
  • Provide an opportunity for the institution’s students and teachers to present their research work for the year.
  • Present a resource compendium on socially responsible research and bring forth significant researchable challenges.

Concerning the accomplishments of research centres, we participated in the Avishkar research convention hosted by Mumbai University, and two students were chosen for the final round. Out of the ten papers published in the previous academic year (2021-22). We encourage project-based learning, and 40 students attended the Avishkar research convention and the Nav-Pravartan research convention.

Patron– Dr. J.Puraswani
Head of the Research Centre – Dr.Khushbu Purswani IQAC Coordinator
TRACC Coordinator – Ms.C.Kalpana
TRACC Members

  1. Dr.Varsha Sawlani
  2. Dr.Santosh Karmani
  3. Mr.Sambaji Kandekar


The College has played a significant role in promoting research and consulting through its dedicated faculty members in the fields of science, the arts, and business. At the national and international levels, the college faculty members have published works with high citation counts and impact factors. In order to strengthen research activities, the college encourages high-quality research in rapidly developing scientific fields and other areas of social importance. Our objective is to reach a higher level of competence comparable to that of world-class research institutes and elite universities.


To encourage and motivate faculty, research scholars, and students to publish articles in peer-reviewed journals, as well as to facilitate their active participation in conferences, seminars, workshops, and symposiums for the advancement of their knowledge and the continuation of quality research that contributes to the development and growth of the nation through socioeconomic and scientific outcomes.

Area of Research

  • Commerce
  • Arts
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology

Yearwise Reports