Alumni Association was established in 2014-15. Which consisted of students who had graduated and Post graduated from our colleges. An alumni association brings former students together to maintain a connection with their university and fellow graduates. Being a part of an association can open many doors for you and allow you to reap a lot of different benefits.Giving back to an alumni organization is a wonderful approach to maintain the legacy and guarantee that upcoming students will have the chance to pursue excellent higher education. Alumni can contribute to local and state advocacy and lobbying, international admissions and recruitment efforts, career and professional development, and via their generous charitable contributions.


To establish a connection between current alumni and the college and to close the communication gap between alumni and students.To mentor and channelize the efforts of the students seeking better opportunities to learn and grow with total quality education.


To provide guidance and organize events that will inspire students and enhance their skill sets . To assist alumni in cultivating and disseminating among students a charitable , entrepreneurial mentality and also inculcating a capacity for critical and lateral thinking.

List of teachers in the ALUMNI ASSOCIATION

Sr No. Name of the teacher Designation Mob No. Email Id
1 Adv Sunil Shah Convenor 9323690333
2 Asst Prof Tushar Wakse Member 8082237957
3 Dr Varsha Sawlani Member 7850052299
4 Asst Prof Dilip Ahuja Member 8888768880
5 Asst Prof Padma Deshpande Member 9324285105
6 Asst Prof Mayra Lachhani Member 7021110699
7 Asst Prof Rahul Akul Member 9967461728

List of students coordinators in the ALUMNI ASSOCIATION

Sr No. Name of the student Class Designation Mob No. Email Id
1 Nitin Rathod FYBCOM Member 8956692408
2 Jinie Kedar SYBMS Member 8830624370
3 Ravindra Pawar FYBCOM Member 8530956220
4 Sakshi Lakhmale TYBAF Member 7262082197

Yearwise Reports