The Department of Arts has been one of the most active departments at SST College since its inception with the college in 2004. The department does its very best to convey a holistic nature of education in the said field, covering all aspects of the topics prescribed in the syllabus as also ensuring its applicability. Through field visits and other activities, the subject comes alive to students and kindles their urge towards learning.
Over three Undergraduate years, learners study nine papers in Political Science, History, Economics. Also, Masters of Arts courses (PG) in political science, history, economics, education science etc. are taught in this department.
The students delve into concepts, approaches and ideologies to understand the basics of the subject. They also delve into the Indian Social, Historical, Political Scenario. .Students can Analyze and understand their work is also an enlightening experience for the learners.


To build a foundation for dutiful, skilled, and self-aware individuals resulting in their overall development.


  1. To enhance and develop the overall personality of students by exposing them to leadership traits and value-based enterprises, at the same time, encouraging them to become a globally responsible citizen with social consciousness.
  2. To inculcate a sense of cultural awareness and sensitivity, while imparting knowledge that makes innovative contributions to the global community by arranging guest lectures, seminars and experiential field visits.

Yearwise Reports