Name of Faculty


    Name of Department

    For the Academic Year

    Mobile No. (Preferably Whatsapp Number)

    Q1. The courses / syllabus taught by me have a good balance between theory and application

    Q2. The objectives of the syllabus are well defined

    Q3. The books /journals etc. prescribed/ listed as reference materials are relevant
    updated and cover the Entire syllabus

    Q4. The course syllabus of the subject taught by me increased my interest , knowledge and perspective in the subject area

    Q5. The college has given me full freedom to adopt new techniques strategies of teaching such as group discussions , seminars, presentations and learners participation/Digital platform etc.

    Q6. I have the freedom to adopt new techniques strategies of testing and assessment of students

    Q7. Tests and examinations are conducted well in time with coverage of all units in the syllabus

    Q8. The Course/ Syllabus is compatible with requirement of Industry

    Q9. The environment in the College is conductive to teaching and research

    Q10. The administration is teacher Friendly

    Q11. The college provides adequate opportunities and support to faculty members for upgrading their skills and qualifications syllabi is well defined

    Q12. ICT facilities in the college are adequate and satisfactory

    Q13. Separate space in college Canteen is available for Teachers

    Q14. Toilets / washrooms are clean and properly maintained

    Q15. The classrooms are clean and well maintained