The Department of Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia and Mass Communication (BAMMC) offers a mass communication course for undergraduates that focuses on popular communication channels. It includes things like newspapers, magazines, movies in theaters, radio, and television. Typically, a course lasts three years and six semesters. One of the most popular courses for Class 12 students is BAMMC, or Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia and Mass Communication. BAMMC is a three-year undergraduate course that covers a variety of media of communication, including the internet, radio, television, and newspapers.
In today’s scenario, media stands as an attractive career option to the Indian youth and a degree in BAMMC offers a wide range of job opportunities to candidates. BAMMC teaches students all the technical skills required to be successful in the field of media. The course also imparts other essential skills such as research aptitude and verbal as well as presentation skills to candidates.

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To set global standards for media education, research, extension and training, using state-of-the-art technology for building a knowledge driven information society, contributing to human development, empowerment and participatory democracy, anchored in pluralism, universal values and ethics.


  1. To create a dynamic learning and working environment which nurtures new ideas, creativity, research and scholarship and develops leaders and innovators in the domain of media and mass communication.
  2. To develop management skills through programmes that emphasize service and value-based education.
  3. To be the pioneer institution in creating and fostering skilled people for the journalism and advertising fields.

Departmental Faculty List

Sr No. Name of the Teacher Designation Mobile Number Email Id
1 Asst. Prof. Deepak Gavade Coordinator 9850024177
2 Asst. Prof. Mohammad Aiman Khan Faculty Member 9503736180
3 Asst. Prof. Suvarna Nikam Faculty Member 9860749114
4 Asst. Prof. Harshada Darekar Faculty Member 7715925920
5 Asst. Prof. Shaba Shaikh Faculty Member 7841806324
6 Asst. Prof. Sanghmitra Bendkhale Faculty Member 9820541085
7 Asst. Prof. Rajani Kuche Faculty Member 9619278565

Yearwise Reports