Minority cell of the college was established with the purpose of empowering the minority communities in the college.and assist them in their curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The Cell has been set up to help minority students from the Christian, Muslim, Jain and other communities achieve holistic development.


  • To ensure equal opportunities for education of minorities
  • To facilitate financial support to students from these communities from governmental agencies
    and other sources
  • To make the minority students aware of the various scholarships schemes of the Central and
    State Governments.
  • To encourage these students to enroll for courses, workshops, programs, etc. which the College
    offers students in an attempt to equip them with the skills needed for their careers
  • To provide these students with a grievance redressal mechanism in addition to the regular
    redressal mechanism

Functions and Activities

  • To collect reports and information of Government of Maharashtra and UGC’s orders on various
    aspects of education, employment of minority students
  • To publicize the various Central and State Government scholarship schemes and any updates in
    these matters
  • To coordinate with other College Cells and Committees such as the Mentoring Cell, Placement
    Cell, Students’ Council, Sports Council, Cultural Council, etc. and ensure that students from
    minority communities participate in their activities
  • To coordinate with Programme Coordinators, Department Heads and the Mentoring Council to
    identify students from these communities who need special assistance such as remedial classes
    and bridge courses, as well as those who are advanced learners and could be given extra
    attention and guidance

Minority Cell Composition

The Minority Cell will comprise the following members:

  • Two faculty members, at least one of whom will be from a Minority community
  • One of the faculty members will be the Chairperson of the Cell
  • College Librarian
  • College Director of Physical Education & Sports
  • Head Clerk
  • Nodal Officer dealing with Scholarships for students from the Minority community
Minority Committee Members
Mr. Sunil Shah Chairman
Mr. Santosh Karmani Member
Mr.Jamal Athar Member
Mrs.Varsha Sawlani Member
Mrs Vandana Chandanshiv Member
Mr. Rahul Akul Member
Mr. Arun More Member
Mrs. Meenakshi Mhatre Member

Minority Cell Complaint Registration




    Nature of Grievance

    Details of Grievance