“We cannot always build the
future for our youth
but we can build our
youth for the future”

The goal of SSTC, guided by the vision, is to provide transformational education that produces a skilled work force of researchers and innovators of tomorrow with intellectual and technological resources. Our commitment and dedication is to focus on experiential, Co operative and project based learning that allows our students to continue to adopt, grow and succeed in solving real-world problems. The college thrives to establish partnership with industries, Government Organizations and Academia, to become collaborative community of faculties. Students, Staff and Alumni fulfill societal needs with professional ethics. SSTC is proactively involved in outcome-based education and choice based credit system to enhance inter disciplinary competence and Leadership skills among our students in a global perspective.

Each department offer undergraduate, post graduate programmes and also run different domain specific specialized sponsored programs from well recognized international universities, in addition to MAST (Market Aligned Skills Training) and ABLE (Ability Based Livelihood Empowerment) programs to fulfill the needs of skilled professional as per market demand.

SSTC has always been striving for excellence in whatever it plans to do, be it teaching, research or development of technology. The SSTC is aware of its social responsibilities as well. I congratulate the faculty, students and all other staff for their untiring effort to keep the SSTC flag flying high. It is my pleasure to note that the placement of students of SSTC in the public and private sectors including industries has also been a heartening feature.

The SSTC has made steady progress and continue to do so in the areas of academics with emphasis on intellectual enrichment and growth. I hope the SSTC expectations and achievements may reach a meeting point soon to the satisfaction of all.

SSTC looks to the future today-with inspiration from its past and the strength of its present as guided by the vision and blessings of Guruji and driven by a passion for excellence.

Dr. J. C. Purswani,
Chairman & Founder Principal,
SST College,

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